About The Roofing SEO Geeks

Mical Johnson (Left) & David Hood (Right)

Mical Johnson - VP of Sales

David Hood - VP of Service

A combined 30 years in the SEO industry…
A shared passion to help Roofers grow their business…


Get Profitable SEO Results With The RSG Team

Mical Johnson:


Shortly after leaving the US Navy in 1999 Mical Johnson began working in the digital marketing industry.


For over 20 years Mical has been specializing in doing SEO. First doing search engine optimization for Alta Vista and Netscape then moving to Yahoo and Bing (formerly MSN). For the past 10 years he has focused on Google as his search engine of choice because this search engine has become the most dominant player in the world.


He brings his in-depth knowledge and expertise of SEO to the Roofing SEO Geeks team so that he can help more roofing contractors grow their business organically. 


Mical believes that SEO is the new word-of-mouth in today’s age of “Just Google It” and is a great addition to roofing contractors that rely on referrals to grow their business.


He current resides in the sunny state of Florida with his wife and kids. When he’s not doing SEO he enjoys going to the gym, doing martial arts, and reading more business books.

David Hood:

David Hood has been doing SEO full time for clients since 2012…

He is known within some SEO circles as someone who specializes in helping local SEO clients crush their competition in the Organic Maps section.

David is passionate about Search Engine Optimization…

He thinks about it as he is driving his car, going to sleep, working out, while his wife is talking to him (working on improving that one), etc.

He also has always been a true math/computer/science geek…

–> He built his own computers in high school

–> He left high school 2 years early to go to a math and science magnet school on a college campus

–> He spends most of his time not with his family in front of the computer cooking up ways to rank companies better in Google

He lives in Dallas with his wife and 2 children aged 8 and 11.

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