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Not that long ago all you needed to rank your roofing business high in the search engines was a website and a Google My Business account, today that is nowhere near enough.  If you’re a roofing contractor struggling with your rankings you’re going to need to work with a roofing seo company who understands just what it takes to rank and help get you to that top spot.   

SEO can be broken down into two basic components on page and off page.  On page includes things like the basic structure of your site, keywords you have optimized for and technical elements that allow Google to understand what your web site is about.  

Off page tactics for a roofing company will include things claiming your GMB listing, building citations and relevant backlinks to your site. 

Roofing SEO Geek know how to combine the two in order to boost your rankings.  

Roofing SEO Company

On Page SEO For Roofers

On page is the most technical part of an SEO campaign and that is where Roofing SEO Geeks gets to be…well…geeky.  We start by making sure that the code on your website can be crawled by the search engines properly.

Every SEO campaign needs to begin with an understanding of your market and what it is going to take to outdo your competition.  As we assess the competition, their strengths and weaknesses we are at the same time looking for the right keywords that buyers are using.  Once we have the analyzed the competition then we put together a content strategy that is gear towards converting your visitors into customers. 

Roofing SEO Geeks have spent years putting together On Page strategies that work.  We have been getting our clients first page rankings for years and we know how to help your site get there. 

SEO campaigns are as much art as they are science and our team have the skills to help bring your business to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  

We have been working with roofing companies just like yours and we have built our business on getting our clients results.  

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Roofing SEO Company

Off Page SEO for Roofing Companies

As important as the technical and onpage aspects of your website may be it is only half the story.  Equally important are the off page factors and they are even more difficult.  The first thing we do is to make sure that your Google My Business (GMB) page has been claimed and completely optimized.  Not only do you want your roofing company to show up in the organic rankings you want your company to show up in the map listing as well. 

Here are some of the off page strategies that Roofing SEO Geeks uses to boost your rankings:

  • Citations: These are the various online directories that have effectively replaced the Yellow Pages.  Some are industry specific, like Home Advisor and others are geographical.  We make sure that your business is listed there with all of the correct information.
  • Social Media Profiles: Social media is no longer an online playground for teenagers, now you need social media profiles in order to enhance your search engine optimization efforts. 
  • Building Backlinks: Backlinks are like a vote from another website that indicates your site has valuable content that people should see.  However not all backlinks are created equal and there is an art to getting good backlinks from respected sites and we have perfected this art. 

seo strategies built for roofing companies

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